Android App Development

Android is considered to be one of the most widely supported operating systems that aids access to varied device types and gives inert development abilities. For increasing the functionality of your app, Android gives you the power to emphasize native features like Google’s dynamic suite of tools and endless Java software libraries.

Astound Technologies is a leading company offering powerful and feature-rich Android app development services to the clients across the globe. We follow a comprehensive app development cycle that circles around identifying user needs, understanding them, designing attractive UI/X, developing the codes, aligning features and functionality, executing, testing, and delivering the functional android app.

Astound Technologies is passionate about creating reliable, technology-driven and user-appealing android apps for our clients. We have handpicked best android app developers having technical proficiency in android technology and its framework. We have been fortunate to serve clients with outstanding mobile apps who later on gained a lot of ROI due to its extreme success.

Retrofit, Glide, Room , RxJava, Dagger, Flutter, Geo Location , Facebook SDK, Etc.

Development tool:
Android Studio 3.4

Java, Kotlin, Dart

Windows, Mac OS Will be a plus point

4.0 To upto latest version

If you’re looking forward to developing one such android mobile app for your next upcoming project, get in touch with us. We assure you to develop a mind-blowing mobile app that best suits your business needs at cost-effective rates.